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Omnitracs XRS   21 reviews
KeepTruckin   17 reviews
Geotab   11 reviews
Rand McNally   8 reviews
JJ Keller   7 reviews
BigRoad   4 reviews
E-Road   4 reviews
Teletrac   4 reviews
Samsara   3 reviews
PeopleNet   3 reviews
none   3 reviews
Verizon Connect   2 reviews
Zonar   1 reviews
Transflo   1 reviews
Azuga   1 reviews
GPSTrackit   1 reviews

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822   none
695   KeepTruckin
676   Omnitracs XRS
287   Verizon Connect
235   Geotab
136   JJ Keller
125   BigRoad
108   yes-unknown
106   Rand McNally
103   Transflo
91   E-Road
85   Samsara
81   PeopleNet
60   Teletrac
33   Spireon
22   Forward Thinking
20   Garmin
17   Blue Ink
16   Geowiz
13   iGlobal - EDGE
13   Zonar
12   VDO RoadLog
11   TruckX
11   Gorilla Safety
10   ZED
10   Azuga
9   Linxup
8   FleetUp
8   InTouch GPS
8   One20
7   GPSTrackit
7   NexTraq
7   HOS 247
6   Sprint
6   Crompton - 24K
6   GPS Insight
6   ELD Solutions
5   ELD Mandate
5   WirelessLinks - DriverLog
5   Omnitracs IVG
4   Arion Tech
4   Switchboard
4   SynchUP
4   Transmission
3   Master ELD
3   ISAAC InControl
3   EZ ELD
3   My20 by Konexial
3   Ryder-RydeSmart
3   DriverTech
3   Ezlogz
3   Drive ELD
3   Blue Tree
2   Matrack
2   TruckingOffice
2   Maven
2   Stoneridge
2   Trucker Path
2   M2M
2   TSO Mobile
2   SP Logbook
2   CyntrX
2   Pedigree-Chrome Cab
2   TXT Esolutions
2   theTMS
2   Cartrack
2   GPSTab
2   Hutch Systems
2   VisTracks-HOS
1   CommandGPS
1   AssetWorks
1   Quartix
1   SimpleTruck
1   TrackM2M-VisTracks
1   Vehicle Tracking Solutions
1   Intelelogs
1   Vnomics
1   CarrierWeb
1   Suntech-ST20
1   Agilis
1   ATS Fleet Management
1   Encompass
1   FleetSharp
1   Magellan
1   OnBoard
1   Axle
1   UNIS
1   PrePass
1   ISE-Innovative Software
1   BreakerLog
1   3MD ELD
1   E-TruckingSoft
1   Webtech
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Here are the results of my informal survey. Hope this helps you decide which drayage trucking Dispatch Software or ELD works best for your company. It is interesting how opinions can vary on the same system. Thank you for your input. Click on the vendor name to narrow the results. ~Jason
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posted 16-Sep-17
3 drivers
I have Big Road. It's a very easy app to use. I like it. I almost got Keep Trucking but went with Big Road because of familiarity. I've been using the app for years now. It is very easy to use. I actually just started using ELD that plugs into the computer of the truck. It makes it so easy to keep track of my starting and ending mileage. I have a few chassis that i use all the time and it remembers them and the plate numbers. It makes setting up the log in the morning a breeze. I tried keep trucking for 1 day and then decided on getting Big Road. The monthly fee includes the equipment. $19.95 for owner operator and $25 a month if you have more than 1 truck. It keeps track of ifta miles by state also. I can run a report at the end of the quarter. Keep Trucking has added features too like hard breaking or fast acceleration and geofencing. I don't think Big Road has that geo fencing feature yet. I want to add geo fencing so when the lines to get into the port are bad I can track the time in line outside the port.
posted 15-Sep-17
32 drivers
Drivers are stating that they are user friendly and they like that it allows them to use yard move in the ports not to cut into their times. Dislikes are the same they don’t want to use them at all however it has been conveyed it is for safety precautions to prevent any accidents from being fatigued.
posted 15-Sep-17
50 drivers
Low Cost, Ease of Use, connection with cell provider AT&T.(Big Road recently acquired by Fleet Complete)
posted 15-Sep-17
12 drivers
real time logs and tracking very easy to use.