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Here are the results of my informal survey. Hope this helps you decide which intermodal dispatch software works best for your company. It is interesting how the opinions vary quite a bit. Thank you for your input. Be sure to click on a name to narrow the results. ~Jason
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Creative Systems
posted 2-Dec-08
20 drivers
TMW – I like Haven’t heard of the others Still using CSI- High priced, no customer service, just over all bad
Creative Systems
posted 3-Dec-08
30 drivers
You’re asking the million dollar question. I thought you were enamored of Profit Tools—that’s why we looked so closely at them. Our current software is Creative Systems out of Chicago. We are replacing it first quarter next year. I haven’t yet decided with what. I do like Profit tools, so they are still in the running. I am also looking at EI Solution, Tailored Logistics and Trinium. No one seems to have a system developed for the domestic Intermodal carrier…..its all for import/export moves.