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Here are the results of my informal survey. Hope this helps you decide which intermodal dispatch software works best for your company. It is interesting how the opinions vary quite a bit. Thank you for your input. Be sure to click on a name to narrow the results. ~Jason
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PCS Software
posted 14-Nov-08
30 drivers
We are currently using PCS. We’ve been using it since 2005, and it does an ok job for what we use it for. Of course I’m comparing it to AS400 and McLeod, which are 2 of the best systems in the industry in my opinion. PCS is one of the more affordable systems that we researched, and still offered what we needed. Our representative is very helpful and in the past, they’ve accommodated us with any programming additions we’ve asked for. Overall, considering the options available, price, and customer service, I would rate it a C+.
PCS Software
posted 14-Nov-08
80 drivers
We use PCS Software, just because its good for drayage but our primary lane of business is Over The Road Regional.
PCS Software
posted 14-Nov-08
12 drivers
We use express 16 made by PCS software. I looked at all of the ones below and found that this system was a more integrated intermodal system that provides full accounting. One of the issues with Profit Tools is they did not have full reporting. The pricing is actually a little lower than Profit Tools, not sure on the others.
PCS Software
posted 14-Nov-08
10 drivers
We use PCS program. It is good for our local drayage and over the road divisions. PCS is out of Woodlands, Tx. and their customer service is excellent. I've been using PCS for several years, so I don't know about their competition.
PCS Software
posted 14-Nov-08
38 drivers
We are still using PCS Express and it works well for us. Their support and customer service is good and I recommend them. Been with them for 8 years and glad of it.
PCS Software
posted 17-Nov-08
48 drivers
We currently use PCS-Express and have been mostly happy with it. Although I was impressed with Profit Tools we chose PCS for the integrated accounting package and over-all cost effective pricing. The folks at PCS have always been helpful and the continued development of the program has been great. Although we are primarily an intermodal drayage company, we have multiple divisions that handle truckload and LTL cargo. The full range of cargo/equipment tracking and the integrated accounting module makes PCS the best bang for our buck…
PCS Software
posted 2-Dec-08
40 drivers
We still have trans-plus but they have been sold and are only concentrating on the moving industry. PCS Software is what I have been using on a smaller scale and I love it. I know they run about $3000.00 per user but I know they cut us a good deal but I don’t have the numbers. I know some friends who have TMW and love it. I think they are much higher dollar though.
PCS Software
posted 8-Dec-08
15 drivers
Profit tools is good but they try to kill you on the number of users: I used the TMW system but it is more of a flat bed/van system. The system that we are currently using is a program called PCS. It is very good with the intermodal and you can pay the drivers several ways. McCleod system will cost a fortune and then they will kill you in adjustment fees.