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Here are the results of my informal survey. Hope this helps you decide which intermodal dispatch software works best for your company. It is interesting how the opinions vary quite a bit. Thank you for your input. Be sure to click on a name to narrow the results. ~Jason
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posted 13-Nov-08
100 drivers
We have recently purchased Trinium following a good deal of research into the available programs. It was our finding that most of the software options do not cater to the intermodal industry. Thus far we have found Trinium to be a major asset to our operation as it makes the day to day business run much smoother and is highly configurable. As far as the customer service that is offered by Trinium, I have absolutely no complaints, the contacts that we have work very diligently to ensure our questions/concerns are addressed promptly and their communication with our office during the purchasing, training, and post deployment has been phenomenal. In terms of cost I will say that they were expensive, although I will stick to the adage “You get what you pay for”. Between the actual function of the product and the support offered by the developers/technicians/support team, I feel that our company has chosen the best option on the market for any intermodal company.
posted 14-Nov-08
61 drivers
We use Trinium. We have had their dispatch software for over 5 years now. It works great. They work well with us and can address what ever Customer Service issues we have.
posted 14-Nov-08
175 drivers
We use Trinium and I have been extremely happy with our software and more importantly their team. Customer service has been great and very responsive. New features are coming on board on a consistent basis that are directly applicable to our operations. Up front pricing I thought was a little steep, but after my experience with them I consider it a good investment.
posted 14-Nov-08
185 drivers
Trinium eliminated much of the stress in our dispatch group. Drivers using Nextel phones with Java applications are able to receive dispatches and accept and update them which eliminates much of the direct communication with dispatch. A single good dispatcher can easily handle 80-100 drivers. Since everything is real time everyone in the company has visibility to the process.I haven’t survey other dispatch software over the last 3 years so there may be something new or improved in the market. As a starting point I would look at Trinium and Varipro.I’m trying to figure out which companies to work with...and I’ve heard many things about Profit Tools, Trinium, TMW, etc. I’ve not looked a Profit Tools but have looked a many others. Many of the vendors offer an “intermodal” module but typically the software is designed for truckload, rail with some minor mods. I never found them to be flexible enough to handle all modes of transportation. Varipro is another program that is quite flexible and lower cost. We had used them in the past but ran into some probs with their accounting modules – was years ago and I’m sure they have rectified the issue by now. We use Trinium. Their customer service is OK – about what I have experienced with other software vendors.
posted 14-Nov-08
52 drivers
We are very happy with the performance of our Trinium software. We have had issues with bugs in the upgrades that maybe should have been eliminated in testing before release but they have been farily quick to correct those issues. Our biggest headache has been interfacing with Quickbooks but they have worked many hour gratis to correct those problems.
posted 14-Nov-08
12 drivers
I think the system is working out great for us and I have never had a problem with customer service although I have not used them much.I have not heard anyone complain about the Trinium system at all. I do not know the cost for the Trinium system though.I have used Profit Tools at another job and I know a few people using it and that system is also very user friendly but I think they are very expensive. I did use TMS not TMW at RTL but they are horrible and the cust serv dept is not helpful at all and they charge you for every little thing like if you sneeze.
posted 14-Nov-08
100 drivers
We use Trinium. It’s the best as far as we are concerned. We have no issues with it or the company at all. Customer service is great. Their pricing is fine.
posted 5-Dec-08
(no driver count)
We are using Trinium software. We like it and find it to be the best product on the market for our business.
posted 24-Aug-15
25 drivers
At the time I purchased Creative Systems, all of the intermodal software sucked. So, I purchased $25k crappy system (intermodal and brokerage systems), rather than an $75k crappy system. I still believe I made the right decision. The original people at Creative have found themselves on the losing end of a merger, and left the company to start Tailored Logistics. I have not seen their new product, but they created the Freight Link product I have. I rate Freight Link a D. I looked at Trinium. The sales guy is the former Creative Systems salesman. I took a pass on their system. It was better than Freight Link, but there wasn’t enough to warrant a change. I looked at Profit Tools and came to the same conclusion as Trinium. I have worked as a fright biller, collector, dispatcher, financial analyst and executive. I consider myself quite up to speed on what you need for an effective system. It’s just that all software is too slow and too cumbersome. Too much clutter and data doesn’t get enough visibility. I will need to upgrade my Freight Link system and have an interest in reviewing new products. I would love to partner with other intermodal truckers and develop a simple and effective system to bill customers and pay drivers. I have developed a system for my business, but during the last mile of development the programmer got ill. It never got completed, but it works well enough for demonstrating the concepts. All of the logic is still valid.