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Here are the results of my informal survey. Hope this helps you decide which intermodal dispatch software works best for your company. It is interesting how the opinions vary quite a bit. Thank you for your input. Be sure to click on a name to narrow the results. ~Jason
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none / t-cards
posted 24-Nov-08
20 drivers
We do not use any dispatch software. 90 % percent of our intermodal runs are dedicated. We are looking to expand very soon I will be looking to buy software program. I have heard TRINIUM is very good.
none / t-cards
posted 2-Dec-08
38 drivers
We use paper...pricing is very low by the way :)
none / t-cards
posted 5-Dec-08
150 drivers
We did try TMW for a short time and found that it didn’t fit with our operation. We still use the card system because it works great for what we need. Same old story if it’s not broken don’t try to fix it. Sorry for not being able to help much but we are still old school
none / t-cards
posted 5-Dec-08
5 drivers
I have never used software for dispatch In 20 years, not saying thats a good thing. Every company I work at is cold calls and an Exel Spread Sheet.