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IANA - Intermodal Association of North America
Show Only:   HZ-Haz-Mat   BD-Customs Bonded   CH-Chassis   TR-Transload Warehouse   PK-Parking Space
C-TPAT a voluntary cooperative to improve international supply chain and U.S. border security
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SmartWay is voluntary program with EPA to reduce fuel consumption and improve our air quality
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  EQ10   Rail 20/40' 53' HZ BD CH PK detail - American Marine Express, Inc. - AMX   North Baltimore, OH   Quality Drayage Provider N. Baltimore & Toledo,...   
      Rail 53' PK detail - ICG Logistics LLC   Perrysburg, OH   Specializing in container drayage for the North...   
      Rail 20/40' 53' CH detail - Phoenix Transit & Logistics, LLC (div of...   Canal Winchester, OH   Serving Marion, Ohio ramp, Columbus, North Balt...   
    PO Rail 20/40' 53' HZ BD CH PK detail - Whitacre Intermodal   Maumee, OH   Regional intermodal drayage for Toledo-North Ba...   
      Rail 20/40' 53' BD CH TR PK 2102973 Ontario Inc (EuroLink Logistics)   Lakeshore, ON   Intermodal services off Detroit, Toledo, and N....   
  EQ1   Rail 20/40' 53' BD Continuum Transportation Services, Ltd. ...   Cleveland, OH   Servicing: CSX North Baltimore, OH ramp (Northw...   
      Rail 20/40' 53' HZ BD PK Rose Transportation Inc.   Seville, OH   Serving Toledo and North Baltimore rails for In...   
      Rail 20/40' 53' HZ CH PK TRX Great Lakes, Inc.   Columbus, OH   Intermodal Drayage, Container Storage, Hazard...   
      Rail 20/40' 53' PK Twenty Four-Seven (24-7) (div of ARL)   North Baltimore, OH   Local & regional drayage   
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