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        Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Drayage?
The word "drayage" dates back hundreds of years. It is derived from the word 'dray', or draw; to describe the action of horses pulling a cart or wagon.

Horses used for pulling are called "draft" horses. Draft horses were hitched up to wagons and used to haul cargo that arrived by ship. Before containerization, merchandise was lifted up out of the ship using a cargo net and swung over shipside and placed into a wagon, then the draft horse would "dray" the loaded wagon to destination.

Today, trucks have replaced horses and cargo nets have evolved into containers. Drayage now means the action of pulling containers in/out of the ocean port and railroad terminals, hence "drayage trucking" and "draymen".

20/40' containers arriving at an ocean port terminal might be drayed out directly by truck, or might be put on a railcar and moved inland by train, which are then drayed out from the rail terminal by a truck.

Domestic Intermodal are 53' size containers, a service that competes against Over-The-Road (OTR) highway transportation. 53' Intermodal is a combination of Origin Drayage + Rail Linehaul + Destination Drayage (truck-rail-truck).

Note: Cartage is NOT drayage, cartage is a trucker bringing their own dry van trailer to do a pickup and delivery, door-to-door, of local freight. (cartage has no port or rail)

How much does it cost to list my trucking company in the Drayage Directory?

The cost to be listed on Drayage.com is $600/year. This flat rate covers the listing for one office location in the Drayage Directory whether you have one truck or 500 trucks. If you prefer to pay monthly, the rate is $55 per month.

If you have more than one office location, please contact us for reduced rates.

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How do I submit payment? Do you mail an invoice? Do you accept credit cards?

We accept check or credit card. To get start or renew your membership with full-access, login and click on 'payment status' then on 'create invoice' and PDF will be created activating your account. Its your choice whether to print out the PDF invoice and mail a check, or pay with a credit card online.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express credit cards. If paying by check, please make check out to "LoadMatch Inc." This is the parent company of Drayage.com. Please mail to LoadMatch Inc., P.O. Box 6592, Naperville, IL 60567-6592.

Can I list my trucking company even though I do not have an Intermodal Interchange Agreement?

Yes, you may list your trucking company even if you don't have an interchange agreement, but you won't be listed on the Drayage.com Directory. Non-interchange truckers are listed on the LoadMatch.com Directory. We have a special section for trucking companies who haul containers on flatbed trailers, tilt-flatbeds and for side/swing-lift equipment.

How do I get an Intermodal Interchange Agreement?

You can get an Intermodal Interchange Agreement by contacting www.UIIA.org

How do I find out how many people view my listing on your website?

The number of visitors who click on your listing can be found by signing in with your Username/Password and clicking on visitor activity. There you will find the date, time, visitor IP address (or the visitor's name if they were logged in) for every time someone clicked to look at your company contact info.